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16 JAN - 24 MARCH 2023


THE GOAL | To improve your 4-dimensional cycling power and to feel strong, fit and on top of the world going into Spring 2023. This program is for all levels, beginners - advanced!


  • Unlimited access to all City Alps classes for 10 weeks

  • A specialised, focused and progressive program

  • Weekly email with class/program information, training tips and guidance

  • Opportunity to win prizes on the leaderboard (for highest scores and consistency)

  • Talks with a professional dietitian and pro-cycling coach

  • 2x weekly 90 minute endurance RIDE classes

  • Bi-weekly 20 minute core strength video

  • Bi-weekly 20 minute strength video (with weights)

  • Access to a WhatsApp group for community encouragement and general program engagement

  • Priority booking/first access to join us for a cycling weekend away with the City Alps community in Limburg from 24-26 March (including great food, drinks, yoga and more). This weekend is all about putting those strong legs to use on road or gravel routes (your choice) and we will also be celebrating the City Alps 4-year birthday.



We will put up leaderboards in the studio so that we can track your 4D power over time. With 4 tests at the start, the middle and end of the program - being your 5-second, 1-minute, 5-minute and 20-minute max power. We will also have an online challenge leaderboard for consistency in class attendance.

For the first time ever at City Alps, we will be fully focused on the program in all weekly RIDE classes. Our goal is to get EVERYONE who comes to City Alps on the program, whether you are a member or a class credit holder. We want everyone to collectively be focused on ONE goal together. TO GET STRONGER for 2023 and (as always) to make great City Alps mates to help you along the way.

Community = consistency = progress!  

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The tests and build up: Week 1 will be test week plus the start of a 4-week progressive build up of intensity. In week 5, we will test ourselves again to see where we are but also use this as an easier week (apart from the test of course). We then move into the second 3-week progressive block which will increase in intensity (week 6-9). Enjoy a recovery week in week 9, before the final test week in week 10 before we hit the Limburg hills for our community weekend trip on March 24.

How many classes should you attend?: We have created 4 types of different RIDE classes each week that train each element of your 4D power. For optimal results from the program, we advise on trying to make it to all four classes each week (plus a RIDE 90 endurance class if you can which is only open to those on the program). That lands up being 4-5 x classes a week. You will also be expected to follow a 20 minute core and 20 minute strength video once a week in your own time at home or in the studio. If you would prefer to replace this with a coached strength class at the City Alps studio that is also fine.


We understand that life happens and not everyone will have the time to come to this many classes and in that case, you need to make sure you can at least make it to all four class types over 2 weeks (minimum). The classes will be repeated and will happen on different days so that you can try make it work for you. We will also keep the Wednesday morning FAMOUS CLIMB class on the program for those who want to get in extra climb training for an upcoming trip or race.

Make it work for you!: Everyone will, of course, adapt to the training plan in a slightly different way. Your training will be affected by diet, sleep and other factors such as how stressful your job is and other life events. We take a holistic and long-term view of training and health at City Alps. Try to be as consistent as life allows, focus on the process and consistency and the results will follow! If you need to miss a week or two because of other commitments, just let us know and we can suggest how to keep your fitness up with running/home training etc - not ideal but that is LIFE and we can make it work!

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Four-Dimensional Power (4DP) uses four key performance metrics - Neuromuscular Power (NM - 5 seconds), Anaerobic Capacity (AC- 1 minute), Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP- 5 minutes) and Functional Threshold Power (FTP-20 minutes). In short, FTP is useful, but it really only reveals an athlete’s aerobic endurance; it doesn’t reveal anything about a rider’s ability to sprint, recover from intense efforts (such as an attack), or get over a short, punchy climb. All of these metrics are critical in determining rider type and prescribing workouts. A high-intensity session for one rider with the same FTP as another may be too hard, or not hard enough; four metrics provide a more complete picture than one. All you have to do on test day,is give 100% over 4 different efforts, within one class profile.

For those who sign up to the program, we will explain how it works in more detail at the beginning of the program and in our weekly emails. Also, if you are only able to join a little later because you have a holiday planned then that's okay just let us know.



There are three options - 


Members: Free (sign up here)

20 Class credits: You can use up the class credits you already have in your account and then pay in the difference (sign up here)

New to City Alps or none of the above: Euro 269 + 5 free buddy credits (sign up here)


If you sill have questions about the program, perhaps you can find the answers here.

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