1 June 2021


Hi City Alpers 

The sun is shining, several of our master members have had their first ‘prik’, travel options are starting to open just feels so, so good to slowly be moving beyond the 1.5m world into Summer! 

Our Summer schedule is all about tapping into and celebrating good weather, Summer vibes and coming back stronger than ever, together. It's the comeback schedule we all need.


Intensity distribution - the importance of easy days and hard (indoor) days! 

In the early 2000s, Dr. Stephen Seiler, an American sports scientist based in Norway, led a study to determine how elite endurance athletes train and found a remarkably consistent pattern: world-class triathletes, cyclists, Nordic skiers, rowers, runners and other endurance athletes in all parts of the world did approximately 70 to 80 percent of their training at low intensity and the remaining 20 to 30 percent at moderate and high intensities. 

AT CITY ALPS, we encourage all of our athletes to use the 80/20 or 70/30 rule as a general framework in planning and executing their training, where possible (there are some exceptions to this approach for time-crunched cyclists and runners). Try to make your easy days easy and your hard days hard. And indoor classes are great for those hard days - no need to worry about traffic lights, other cyclists, traffic or bad weather - you can simply focus on your technique, the cues from your coach and the music, with zero interruptions! 


  • think lots of time in the saddle or on the feet this Summer in zone 1 and 2 on easy out rides and runs with mates or the City Alps RIDE OR RUN CLUB as well as City Alps ENDURANCE RIDE classes 

  • think at least 2 or 3 indoor RIDE classes per week at moderate (zone 3, POWER RIDE Classes) and high intensities (zone 4 or 5 PEAK RIDE classes) and RUN CLUB intervals. If the class type for the day doesn't fit with your training, you can of course come anyway and just adjust your FTP for that session.

Don't forget about durability and injury prevention. Vitamin D is not your only friend this Summer!

Our strength and conditioning training at City Alps is always curated with cyclists and runners in mind to build functional strength, work on any potential imbalances and strengthen your core for more stability. We really encourage you to get some strength and conditioning work in every single week, whether in indoor RIDE & STRENGTH, outdoor MOUNTAIN FIT, outdoor weighted STRENGTH classes or outdoor and zoom CORE and BAND CAMP classes. It will make you a lot more durable and injury proof. Durability is a quality we really believe in and focus on at City Alps, and it's part of our mission to stay #adventureready for a life time, not just now.

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We have a City Alps Club WhatsApp group where members get together for fun rides and runs and also get together to go to races and other cycle, run or triathlon events.

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On Thursday evenings, the studio will be closed for Summer. We would love Thursdays to be an evening where our community gets together for a wonderfully active social evening (within, of course, the current government COVID-19 guidelines). 

How it will work -

  • Meeting time is 18:30 at Steigereiland (at Café Restaurant Vrijburcht) which is a 15 min cycle from City Alps... super easy! 

  • Feel free to choose your activity - there is a wonderful spot to swim just in front of the cafe, or you can run in and around the eiland or Diemerpark or cycle towards Muiden or just stick to loops around Diemerpark. You may also decide to combine two of these activities in a brick session. Go solo or team up with other City Alpers for 90 minutes of movement. We will all finish off at 8pm for a drink together at the cafe

  • Please book for these sessions online as usual

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