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Our signature 50-minute circuit classes constantly switch between the bike and the floor. RIDE & LIFT classes are designed to improve your ability to resist fatigue and build functional strength.


Always changing and extremely challenging, these classes will keep your mind and body guessing. You will often work in groups of three, with fellow City Alpers to hold you accountable and motivate you to dig just that little deeper.

These classes will also jack up your metabolism for hours post-exercise (the so-called 'Excess post-exercise Oxygen Consumption' or EPOC effect). There is simply no better way for a time-crunched city dweller to torch fat whilst improving both anaerobic capacity and maximal aerobic power at the same time. It’s the best ‘bang for your buck’ workout.  

Bring your trainers for this class since we will be constantly switching from the bike to the floor.


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