• RIDE (1hr data-driven class with the focus of the day being ENDURANCE+, POWER OR PEAK training)

  • RIDE + STRENGTH  (30 min RIDE + 30min STRENGTH on the floor with weights)

We use market-leading power bikes that allow you to measure and record all your training data (using the SPIVI app), and we focus on strength and core training off the bike, to make your body more resiliant, strong and injury free.



  • STRENGTH (with weights)

  • CORE (body weight)

  • RUN CLUB (speed, hill or stair intervals)


  • SUNDAY FUNDAY RUN OR RIDE (usually planned on our City Alps WhatsApp group)


  • BAND CAMP (using mini resistance bands)

  • CORE (body weight)

  • MOBILITY (body weight)

  • STRENGTH (weight and body weight)

  • CARDIO (body weight)

We have over 200 VIMEO classes of past zoom class recordings that you can follow at home in your own time, any time. All our monthly members get free access to all these recordings.

View and book for our weekly classes on the Virtuagym app or deskop (you will first need to create an account if you haven't already done so)


Fun performance-orientated sessions designed with a training focus of the day (PEAK, POWER or ENDURANCE+) - with killer tunes and fellow City Alpers to get you through it. We rotate the weekly schedule every 3 weeks so that the various classes fall on different days. 'ENDURANCE+' is the easier lower heart rate training (a little more intensive and varied with technique training than what you would do on an easy endurance ride outdoors), POWER is training in and around your threshold (100% FTP mark) for longer blocks, training muscular endurance and lactate tolerance. In PEAK classes we focus more on anaerobic training, Vo2max, Neuromuscular strength and coordination. They are shorter, more intense intervals with longer recoveries in between. It is important to incorporate all 3 types of classes into your weekly schedule. You can always adjust your FTP if you want to go a little harder or easier on that particular day if the class type/focus is not what you had planned for that day. Make sure you download the SPIVI app before you arrive at class. We use this to link the bike to the training software so that you can see and take home all the necessary data from your RIDE session. If this is your first time, please make sure you arrive early to ask the host or coach how it all works.