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Eager to dive into a strength class led by one of our coaches, City Alps style?

Just find a spot at home or in the gym with access to weights, gear up with your earphones, and imagine you're soaking up the energy from our dynamic studio atmosphere. Keen? Pop your details here, and we'll send over a couple of sample classes for you to try out.


About our sessions


We suggest at least two proper strength sessions per week no matter what you're training for -


Proper strength training helps to strengthen supporting muscles, even out muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, learn new movement patterns, enhance coordination and efficiency, reduce stress and anxiety by bringing down your stress hormone, cortisol ... and so much more. 

In these classes, we use a combination of weights and body weight in a circuit style. Every class is different but we always encourage you to work towards lifting heavy once you have learnt to move correctly. We design our classes to cover the fundamental movements - the squat, hinge, pull, push, carry and rotation. A big part of these classes is about community and just having fun as a group. You often work in pairs or small groups where a high five or fist pump is something to look forward to after completing a tough station.


These classes take place in Summer only! Enjoy the fresh air while working on full body strength, balance, core stability and overall injury prevention. Essential for all runners, cyclists, triathletes and anyone who wants to keep strong and healthy for their adventures. We use a combination of resistance bands, some free weights, body weight and stairs as props.


Feel the empowering energy of nature amplify the strength of your muscles, while the camaraderie fuels your motivation to push beyond limits. As the sweat drips and endorphins surge, you'll relish the blissful fusion of physical exertion and the great outdoors, keeping both your body and mind strong and radiant with health. In these sessions, the benefits of being outdoors intertwine with the joy of shared physical exertion ... a great way to embark on a journey to forge a resilient, powerful body and mind.

These classes are for all levels of fitness and experience. Our coaches take a real hands-on approach with each person, adjusting the movement and effort where necessary.

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