Georgia and Dayne started City Alps after arriving in Amsterdam from South Africa and discovering that it was flat. Like really, really flat.


They are both passionate about human endurance and strength, and have completed numerous trail runs, adventure races and triathlons around the world. They train hard (preferably with mates), and are not shy of a hard-earned beer or two to quench the thirst.


Georgia has over 12 years of experience as an advanced spinning and power-based cycling instructor. With additional specialities in HIIT and strength group training, she has developed her own signature class that combines cycling and strength intervals. She is also a certified UESCA (Running/Endurance Coach).


Dayne is a strange combination of a gym rat and mountain goat . His daily graft is in law and he also happens to be Georgia’s husband.





Marit was born and raised at 63 degrees north, in Norway, with mountains, rivers and the great outdoors right at her doorstep. As a coach Marit specializes in strength and mobility training, as well as HIIT. In addition, she is also a physiotherapist with a keen eye for proper technique, injury prevention and recovery. As any good Norwegian, the mountains were her first true love with her favorite sport being skiing. But she also has space in her heart for alpine trekking, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming and cycling - just to mention a few.

Marits' favourite quote is: “Hapiness is the struggle towards a summit, and when it is attained, it is happiness to glimpse new summits on the other side” ~explorer and athlete, Fritjof Nansen 



Stach was raised in a little
town next door to Tilburg, called Gilze. He is a certified instructor in cycling and running and is an avid triathlete himself. As a coach, he has experience with heart rate training, fun freestyle concepts, and the more
serious watt power zones. Apart from having excellent knowledge about training with real data on the bike, Stach is crazy about his music and so you can always expect a well though-out playlist for all his RIDE classes. 

"Don’t forget about the fun…To quote one our Dutch rappers Diggy Dex – De Zon op: “….zonder de muziek is maar een tiende van je feest ...
without the music is only a tenth of your party” ~ Stach




Ilse grew up in the beautiful countryside of Fryslân, North of Netherlkands. Her love for being in nature and passion for triathlon is what planted the seed for her wanting to start teaching at City Alps. Ilse has a lot of experience teaching various classes such as strength and indoor cycling in Amsterdam. This, plus her down to earth and bubbly approach to teaching makes her the perfect instructor for a RIDE & LIFT class.

"Feel the burn, free your mind and lose yourself to your workout because you are stronger than you think" ~ Ilse