Georgia and Dayne started City Alps after arriving in Amsterdam from South Africa and discovering that it was flat. Like really, really flat.


They are both passionate about human endurance and strength, and have completed numerous trail runs, adventure races and triathlons around the world. They train hard (preferably with mates), and are not shy of a hard-earned beer or two to quench the thirst.


Georgia has over 14 years of experience as an advanced spinning and power-based cycling instructor. With additional specialities in HIIT and strength group training, she has developed her own signature class that combines cycling and strength intervals. She is also a certified UESCA (Running/Endurance Coach).


Dayne is a strange combination of a gym rat and mountain goat . His daily graft is in law and he also happens to be Georgia’s husband. You will sometimes find Dayne standing in as coach. 


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Stach is our Head Ride coach. He takes the lead in programming most of our RIDE classes. So, now you know who to blame after a tough workout :)! Stach has been with us from day-1 and brings years of endurance training experience to the team- plus, the beat of his music is always on point. You might have noticed how he likes to bop up and down on his feet as you ride!

He is a passionate triathlete across multiple distances and usually at the sharper end of local races. His big goal (see goal wall in the studio) is competing in the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii. We love that.

Stach is always available and willing to help and we are lucky to have the loyal big-calved beast from the south east!


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Gem's joined the team a few months into our first year of opening. She is super talented and, although her focus is more on MOBILITY & STRETCH and RIDE & FLOW at the moment, she really can do it all. She is a mighty strong cyclist and always up for a City Alps Club outride (that involves seriously high rpms and a lot of chatting). Gem brings so much fun and infectious energy into the studio, which includes occasionally breaking out into song and dance from time to time. A consistently lovely Irish human and brilliant coach! 

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We first met him as a City Alps member and keen cyclist. As we said when he first joined the team, there is something about his passion, energy and enthusiasm for all things cycling that was difficult to miss and all the RIDE coaches felt we needed to get him upfront with the mic. And that was a great decision. He really has the biggest heart and genuinely cares about each member's training experience in his classes. That's the heart of City Alps and we couldn't be happier to have Thomas the Tank Engine (we have 3 Thomas’ at City Alps at the moment) as part of the team :) Looking forward to many more rides, trips and training sessions together. 

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Jono is the newest member of our team, but is already making a big impact. Jono is South African and was, until fairly recently, a paratrooper with the ​French Foreign Legion. We can confirm that Jono is his given name and he has not taken a new identity :)

Jono takes lead on our outdoor Mountain Fit Bootcamp's - a session geared towards improving your stamina, work capacity and muscular endurance. And Jono’s journey means he is pretty well-placed to build that quality in these programs.

Absolutely no need to be intimidated by the class (or the man haha). Jono is the nicest human, with a great sense of humour and we promise you will love to hate the training session that will make you feel awesome! He is known to be meticulous about good form and technique and so you are in great hands!.