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Below is a 5-minute video of how we are going to break through limiting beliefs holding us back from achieving our goals, how we are going to take you from point A to point B with an inspiring community of strong women, how we are going to grow, learn and support each other along the way …


... how we are going to get StrongNow!

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For now, we are full but please do join the waiting list so that we can reach out to you when the next cohort begins!


Here are some key benefits of small group personal training -


Cost-Effective: Small group training offers personalized attention at a more affordable rate than one-on-one sessions.


 Personalized Attention: You'll receive individualized modifications and guidance tailored to your needs and abilities.


 Motivation Boost: Exercising with others fosters a sense of community, boosting motivation and commitment to your fitness routine.


 Goal Tracking and Accountability: Expert guidance and regular check-ins help you efficiently achieve your fitness goals, with support from both the trainer and fellow group members.


 Holistic Approach: Beyond training, you'll receive guidance on nutrition, lifestyle changes, and overall wellness for a holistic approach to feeling strong and healthy.


And… the exciting part …


Here's what the StrongNow program offers …


✓ A 90-day strength journey for transformation, the ideal timeframe for significant change

✓ Two weekly sessions for optimal results

✓ Baseline testing to track progress: upper body strength, lower body strength, mobility, V02 max, and weight

✓ Logbook for goal setting and tracking progress

✓ Weekly check-ins with your coach for training and nutrition

✓ Personalized workouts and checkups, if you are traveling and miss the session

✓ A supportive community of strong women to train with

✓ Monthly social/creative gatherings for goal setting and vision mapping


We’ll kick this off in June, so mark your calendars!


This program is more than just a workout routine – it's a commitment to yourself and your goals.


Whether you want to lose weight, navigate pregnancy or postpartum fitness, conquer menopause, or train for a specific event, you’ll be supported every step of the way.


And as we embark on this journey together, know that I'm learning and growing right alongside you. This isn't just about fitness – it's about community, support, and vulnerability.


Your next step -


Send through your application and motivation here.


We have space for 18 ladies only.


I will then connect with you to go over the details and discuss next steps.


Speak soon,



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