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Fun performance-orientated sessions designed with a training focus of the day (PEAK, POWER or ENDURANCE+) - with killer tunes and fellow City Alpers to get you through it. We rotate the weekly schedule every 3 weeks so that the various classes fall on different days. Once a week, we also include a famous climb class (like climbing the Alpe d'huez) and a 90 minute endurance ride.

ENDURANCE+ is the easier lower heart rate training (a little more spicey and varied with technique training than what you would do on an easy endurance ride outdoors), this is a good class to come to if you are new to City Alps. POWER is training in and around your threshold (around your 100% FTP mark) for longer blocks, training muscular endurance and lactate tolerance. In PEAK classes we focus more on anaerobic training, Vo2max, Neuromuscular strength and coordination. They are shorter, more intense intervals with longer recoveries in between (which is also the nice part about this type of class). 


We say to beginners that ANY of the classes are okay to come to if it falls in a time slot that suits you best. Our coaches are experienced and caring enough to make sure that you adjust your power accordingly and just focus on the simple things first like just getting your RPM (speed) right before trying to figure out how to match RPM with FTP and allllll the (sometimes scary at first) data. We say it takes about 3 classes to really get the hang of it.


It is important to incorporate all types of classes into your weekly schedule. You can always adjust your FTP if you want to go a little harder or easier on that particular day if the class type/focus is not what you had planned for that day. Also, try your best to build in some STRENGTH classes on the mat to keep your body bullet proof and to make you move better as an athlete.


Make sure you download the SPIVI training app before you arrive at class. We use this to link the bike to the training software so that you can see and take home all the necessary data from your RIDE session. If this is your first time, please make sure you arrive early to ask the host or coach how it all works. You can always start with an FTP of 2.5 to 3 times your body weight.

Once every two months, you can measure your FTP during one of our FTP TEST classes which is a 20 minute all-out effort after a good warmup. Your FTP is a measurement of the average WATTS that you could sustain over an hour.

We have pedals for SPL-SL, SPD and normal trainers. Please always bring your trainers with just in-case you don't get the bike with the correct pedals since they are all different.

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