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Fun performance-orientated sessions using the SPIVI app to track and record all your training data. Our classes are designed with a training focus (PEAK, POWER, ENDURANCE+ or CLIMB) - with killer tunes and fellow City Alpers to get you through it. We rotate the weekly schedule every 3 weeks so that the various classes fall on different days especially for those of you who have quite a fixed weekly routine.

ENDURANCE+ is the easier lower heart rate training (a little more intensive and varied than what you would do on an easy endurance ride outdoors). In POWER classes, we focus on longer blocks of sweetspot, threshold or vo2 max intervals and in PEAK classes, we focus more on anaerobic power and neuromuscular strength - the shorter more intense intervals with longer rest in between . In our CLIMB classes, we focus simply on climbing drills and technique OR following a famous climb profile like the Mont Ventoux.


It is SO important to come to City Alps for those quality more intense sessions that are just too hard, unsafe or impossible to do on your outdoor bike. It will make all the difference to your power and overall strength. You can always adjust your FTP if you want to go a little harder or easier on that particular day if the class type/focus is not what you had planned for that day.

These classes are suited to all levels of fitness and experience as you will be cycling at your own personal effort. You certainly don't need to be a cyclist to participate.... it is just in general, a brilliant cardio workout for everyone.

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