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We are so excited to have just launched our @home RIDE classes which are exactly the same at the classes we take inside the studio, using the SPIVI software to monitor and track all power and ride data.

If you have an indoor power bike at home, you can join us! You can also hook up your own race bike to a home trainer. If you only have an indoor spin bike with no power meter, its okay you can still join us and use RPE to gauage with the intensity of the intervals - the only difference is that you just won't see any of your own data up on the screen. But the music and coaching is there to pump you up and keep you going.

All you need to do is download the SPIVI HOME app and then connect your bike to the app via bluetooth. Keep an eye out on our online schedule for when we take the LIVE classes during the week. For now, we have opened this up to absolutely anyone to join for free and every class is recorded and saved in the 'replay' section for you to do in your own time.

Get Started now


Or reach out to us if you have any questions for now! 

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