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What is Rise 'n Core

Every weekday morning at 07:00, we will meet you on ZOOM for a live 20-minute core session. This is an opportunity to begin those healthy and rewarding morning habits, which can be so powerful in setting you up for the day ahead. If you are not a morning soul just jump right in with us and give it a go, try something new, shake things up. We (Dayne and Georgia) have started doing this ourselves every single morning and we love to end it off with an ice cold shower (cold shower is optional). It’s a game changer and we want to share it with you! We promise an encouraging space on ZOOM, with the birds chirping and beautiful wake-up music to slowly iron out those sleep wrinkles.

You will receive a printed calendar to track your progress and create new habits, with the usual City Alps community support and vibes. There will be no recording, so getting your daily bird sticker REALLY does mean waking up to the birds!

Who should join

This program is supplemental to your usual training (including those on the Run Stronger Program) and is suitable for all levels. No equipment needed and no jumping involved.

 The core impacts every human movement and activity. Standing up, sitting, bending over....and getting out of bed are all driven by your core. A stronger core means a lower risk of injury and better movement, so it's really one for all our City Alpers. 

For our cyclists, you can also expect more stability in the saddle and not losing any wattage from bouncing / hopping. For our runners, it means better postural control and improved running economy. 

It is important to remember that the core is made up of far more than just your abdominal muscles. It includes: the back, hip flexors, glutes and pelvis. This program is certainly not about sculpting the perfect 6-pack.

How to sign up 

Simply add your name to THIS FORM and indicate on the form which of the following three options you are using to sign up to the program

Members (free)

Credit members (5 credits - we will deduct these for you)

Non City Alps member’s (Euro 59  - PLEASE PAY HERE

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