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(Program has ended. The next 8 week Ride Strong program will begin 2 April 2024, see more info here. The next FTP program will start September 2024.


The 12-week FTP Builder Program has been designed by our City Alps coaches to improve your functional threshold power or FTP score. The journey is going to be a real challenge but if you stick with it, you will take your cycling to the next level!

This program can work for beginners-advanced.

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The 12-week FTP Builder program includes

  • Pre, mid and post FTP testing (evening classes on: 11/12/14 Sept, 23/24/26 Oct, 27/28/30 Nov) 

  • 2x 60-minute wattage-based group indoor cycle sessions per week (all tailored to the FTP Builder Program)

  • 1x 90-minute optional weekly indoor endurance session - these longer ride classes have been introduced especially for riders on this program. These will be on a Thursday evening and a Sunday morning. You can attend either one of these sessions

  • Access to optional group strength classes in the studio

  • Access to optional pre-recorded online strength, core & mobility classes to do in your own time (designed to work on imbalances, core strength and areas of weaknesses for cyclists, and to help you push more power though the pedals)

  • A public studio leaderboard to track everyone's consistency and FTP results

  • A 12-week progress tracker calendar for your fridge or bathroom mirror

  • A pair of City Alps cycling socks 

  • A bi-weekly email with program updates, good news, various tips and tricks for cyclists, inspiration to keep you going, and more

  • Access to an exclusive STRAVA group specifically for this program

  • A mid-way community drinks get-together and end of program prizegiving and celebration (26 Oct|20:00 and 30 Nov|20:00 at City Alps)

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Program Structure


The minimum commitment requirement to join this program is 2x 60 minute ride classes a week. The program, on a high level basis, is structured as 3 progressive blocks of 4 weeks each, starting with base building and then becoming more specific and harder towards the end. The full program and more detail will be sent to all those who have signed-up. 

Our City Alps class schedule will run as usual but on certain days, we will be including FTP PROGAM specific classes just for you. We will always let you know 2 weeks in advance, which classes and time options you can choose from (don't worry, we will make sure to have 2x different morning and evening options so you don't miss out).


In addition to your 2x 60 min ride classes, we recommend (if you have the time) that you join our exclusive weekly 90 minute endurance ride class for the FTP program members only (Thursday evening at 19:00 or Sunday morning at 10:15). We also advise that you build in 1-2 strength training sessions into your weekly training to help prevent injuries and improve your overall core strength and posture - ultimately making you far more efficient and powerful on the bike. 

Everyone will, of course, adapt to the training plan in a slightly different way. Your results will be affected by consistency and effort, diet, sleep and other factors such as how stressful your job is and other life events. We take a holistic and long-term view of training and health at City Alps. Try to be as consistent as life allows, focus on the process and consistency and the results will follow!

If you have any questions or concerns before signing up, please reach out to us at

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