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The perfect combination class of cardio and strength training for those who are short on time, those who love to mix things up or those who simply prefer a shorter RIDE or shorter STRENGTH session in general.


Starting with 30 minutes of RIDE intervals on the bike. We still connect our bike to SPIVI (like we do in our 1hr RIDE classes) so that we can follow a structured workout and can track/record all our training data. The RIDE intervals will always be HIIT based (high intensity) so that we can get bang for our buck in the short mount of time spent on the bike.


We then move off the bike onto the floor and begin a 30 minute structured STRENGTH session, combining full body functional strength exercises using various weights or just body weight. Our focus is always on helping our athletes move better, on having better core strength and balance and on staying strong and injury free to continue tackling all those adventures we love.

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