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Quality interval cycling and running classes
Indoor and outdoor strength classes
Social run and ride club
Community events, trips and races

About us

Experience a welcoming and energizing weekday training ground to empower runners, cyclists, triathletes, movers and adventure enthusiasts alike. Embrace the camaraderie of a vibrant and inclusive mixed expat and local community, where the shared goal is to stay strong, enhance fitness, and embark on exciting adventures.

In a nutshell: we offer weekly classes (indoor cycle, run, strength, yoga), we meetup as a community for social outdoor rides and runs, we sometimes go away together for weekend adventures and races and we love shared chats over morning coffees or evening drinks and pizza in the studio.


Amazing vibe, easy going, open-minded people. Great place for cyclists during winter (and during rainy summer days, of which we have a lot in Amsterdam let's face it).


Strong and varied functional strength class. Super cool people and community feel at City Alps. Great class, great vibe, I’ll be back for sure!


The way how you build and maintain such a community as City Alps, and being able to feel that as a member, is just amazing. So thanks City Alps, Georgia & Dayne, and the other lovely coaches for all that!

Calvin Smith

I never could have hoped to come across something like City Alps. I felt welcome right away, and committed very soon.


Brilliant studio to help you get mountain fit. Unlike any other studio in Amsterdam. The facilities are wonderful, clean and light, with a great variety of equipment. The teachers are extremely competent and encouraging. There’s also a running club that you can join.


Best sport club in Amsterdam. The spinning classes are super well thought through with great playlists, this combined with strength classes made me so much better on my bike. I also feel part of a super special community sharing the same love for adventures!


The best Ride Classes in town!
You get super fit following along just a couple of classes per week. Different focus areas, different coaches, so it doesn’t get boring. Also strength, run and yoga classes.
Super open and welcoming members and coaches in comparison with other cycling studios in town.
Great add-on to outdoor rides in the summer or to stay fit during the long grey winter months.


City alps knows how to challenge you and keep you motivated!


Feeling like I've never been fitter and enjoying all the moving and sweating I've done this past year. Happy to have City Alps as part of my routine. 


I have truly had an amazing time and learned so much about technique at City Alps. Great compliment to all the coaches for their patience and understanding


Several sports with top trainers and if you are looking for a sport enthousiast community instead of crowded classes.. this is the place.

Henk Jan

It is so convenient  to have a studio almost next to your doorstep where you can train in the way you guys provide it! Definitely have become a better athlete thanks to you! 


I love the dedication of the trainers. They encourage you each in there own way to get the most out of the training. CityAlps really creates an atmosphere to dig deep.


I like how you include a lot of variation in Ride classes, which is nice, you never got bored. But wow, its challenging, I guess this is how you get mentally stronger! But the best point is meeting new faces through this beautiful community!


City Alps is one of a kind. It's community, adventure, and highly effective training. There really isn't anything else like it, even in the mountain-adventure capitals of the world. I 100% recommend City Alps to anyone who wants so much more than a gym. So much fun and heart and soul getting me fit and adventure ready.


City Alps is waaay more than a Cycling Studio. Georgia and Dayne have been able to create an amazing community full of inspiring adventurers. The studio offers a great mix of friendly community and performance driven classes, where you'll be guided by great instructors and push based on your FTP (since the great bikes have PowerMeters). The coaches will help you find your best bike fit and teach you how to follow the classes if you are not used to it. I would totally recommend!


City Alps and its community is one of the best thing that happened to me. Huge kudos to you, for your creativity, your contagious motivation and for creating this awesome community ♥️♥️


I feel immense gratitude for having been able to enjoy all your encouraging, fun, strengthening and creative programs!





For that quality weekly interval training necessary for all cyclists ... EVEN IN SUMMER!


Our Strength classes are geared towards injury prevention and bullet proofing our athletes.We offer indoor and outdoor sessions.



Quality speed and tempo interval training and drills to help Boost Your overall Running Performance. We have three types of running sessions.

1-Running intervals

2- Run+Core

3- Social run club.


We have over 300 online classes to follow in the comfort of your own home or while on holiday (25-40min long).


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