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Join our dynamic and exhilarating speed or tempo intervals sessions, designed to enhance your speed, endurance, and overall running performance. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced runner, this class offers a fun and supportive group dynamic that encourages everyone to push their limits while respecting their own pace. We meet in Oosterpark (near the OLVG Oost entrance and tennis court). Warm up dynamically, practice running drills for form, and then tackle speed or tempo intervals for the workout of the day. Benefits include improved speed and power, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, calorie burn, running efficiency and a motivating group environment. The coach will meet you where you are at which means that beginners to advanced can all take part. We just say that you should at least be able to comfortably run 5km. 

Speed Intervals: Increase your speed and explosive power with short bursts of intense running efforts, followed by active recovery.

Tempo Intervals: Sustain a comfortably hard pace for longer intervals, improving your lactate threshold and overall race pace.


You can choose your own intensity level and adjust the distances or times based on your fitness level and goals.


Join our City Alpers 10km social Friday run +coffee - led by a different community member each week. Connect with fellow runners, enjoy an easy run together, and finish off with coffee and chat. All levels welcome, with faster runners turning around to collect the group. Lace up and experience the joy of running in great company.

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