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Data-driven classes, using personal FTP (functional threshold power) so that everyone trains within their own relative power zones. We have four different types of RIDE classes - ENDURANCE, POWER, PEAK and CLIMB LIKE A PRO. Our classes are performance based with great music, motivational coaches and an awesome adventure-inspired community to get you through. We use market-leading power bikes that allow you to measure and record all your training data.

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Our Strength & Conditioning classes are geared towards functional training for injury prevention and bullet proofing our athletes. An absolute must for longevity so that we can keep doing the sports and adventures we love. We use a combination of free-weights, resistance bands and body weight and depending on the weather and season, these classes are either indoors or outdoors. 



Body-weight plyometric training working through a series of quick, powerful movements performed with power and at a high speed. Think jump squats, jump lunges, step-ups, box jumps, skaters, mountain climbers etc. These sessions will help you become faster, stronger, and more agile in your sport, plus they are a great way to build a little mental toughness to be able to 'conquer your own mountain'.


We have two types of weekly outdoor running sessions - HILLS OR STAIRS and SPEED INTERVALS. All runners are welcome to these sessions, as long as you can run a slow 10km. The HILLS OR STAIRS sessions take place at the Nesciobrug or the Nemo stairs and the SPEED INTERVALS take place at the Flevopark track. The warmup and cool down are always nice and slow running together as a group but the intervals are done at your own pace and effot. These sessions are a must for all trail runners and any runner looking to improve their general power and speed. We always start and end at City Alps. 

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Enjoy our 20 - 45 minute online class recordings. Anywhere. Anytime.


We have saved over 200 previous zoom class recordings: cardio, strength & conditioning, core, band work, mobility + stretch, dynamic warm-up routines, running drills, injury prevention sessions and so much more.

All these sessions supplement your usual endurance training (cycling, running, triathlon or other) and are also perfect when travelling or to fit into your busy schedule at home.

All City Alps unlimited-class members get full access to this library.