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What and When

Since our full lockdown is (hopefully) over, we will now meet you online on a Monday morning only.


Starting at 08:00 with a 30-minute bodyweight STRENGTH session, followed by a 20-minute CORE workout at 08:35. Join us for one or two back-to-back sessions and get your day off to the best possible start. If you can’t make it to the LIVE session, we will send a recording that's valid for 1 full week so that you can do it in your own convenient time. These sessions will be suitable for all levels.

STRENGTH (30 minutes) - the usual City Alps functional and performance-orientated approach to online training, with a particular focus on injury prevention / addressing imbalances for runners and cyclists.


CORE (20 minutes) -  as always, strengthening that part of your body that connects your arms and legs (i.e. far more than 6-pack abs, we will focus on the back, hip flexors, glutes and pelvis). For our cyclists, you can expect more stability in the saddle and not losing any wattage from bouncing / hopping. For our runners, it means better postural control and improved running economy. 

How to sign up and join the classes 


City Alps members have unlimited access. Otherwise, we have a - 



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