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A 60min indoor cycling class designed to give you huge endurance and power gains. 'Ride' is effective training not just for cyclists but for runners and other endurance athletes looking for a low impact alternative to their main sport. 

We use market-leading Spinner® Chrono™ Power bikes that allow you to measure and record all your training data (think next-level spinning!). We also use the SPIVI software (a virtual ride experience using a projector) to track and record all your training data. 


The key metric for our programming is your functional threshold power or FTP. It is an individual number which we test on day 1 as a benchmark of your current fitness and power. Once known, we use FTP to gauge and track your individual effort level throughout the class. This approach will drastically improve the efficiency of your training– you will know exactly how hard to go to maximize the adaptation we are after from the class! Plus, you can measure and track your heart rate, cadence, calories burnt and rpm (which you can link to Strava). 

We have three focused RIDE classes which rotate every three weeks. They are endurance training (ET), power training (PT) and peak training (PKT).


For RIDE classes, we recommend using cleats but normal trainers are also possible. For cleats, we have the standard SPD pedals (mountain bike shoes) but also have a few Trio pedals for those who need them. Each rider should download and create a profile in the SPIVI app so that you can link your bike and RIDE training data.

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