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Alternating every Sunday with SUNDAY FUNDAY community out rides and runs. For all City Alpers with a membership or credits :) Please book online via virtuagym as usual.


6 JUNE | RIDE | Het Kopje van Bloemendaal

A great one for power training when it is windy on the dike! This route through Waterland is as Dutch as it gets. The loop through Twiske adds some awesome diversity
and you can be sure to spot many birds! 'Het Kopje van Bloemendaal' is famous as it is the only cycle hill close to Amsterdam! The climb is short but it's definately recognisable as a hill!
You can do 'Het achtje van de Kneet' (multiple times) if you want to climb the hill from all possible directions! The route starts and ends with the equally famous 'Brettenpad', which is pretty much the only enjoyable cycle route to get out of the city via the West.

13 JUNE | RUN | Kennermerduinen

A beautoiful trail run through the forest and dunes. The best time to run here is in the mornings before it gets busy. Leaving from the Scouting Elswoutgroep. Bring your swimming stuff if you want a post-run dip at the Oosterplas dam. 


20 JUNE | RIDE | Follow the water

Enjoy one of our famous City Alps routes.

27 JUNE | RUN | Amsterdamsebos

We head to Het Amsterdamse Bos for a 10 or 21km run, followed by a swim (dip or longer training swim) in the Nieuwe Meer, followed by coffee (obvs) and (maybe) a bagel. Meet at the lockers next to Restaurant De Bosbaan at 09:30. The 21 km and 10 km loops are well marked. But here is the 21 km route for those who need it.

4 JULY | RIDE/RUN/SWIM | Rondje Marken

This weekend Sunday Funday is something a little different and one for the runners, walkers, swimmers and cyclists. 

It's a fun mini-challenge! Bring a bike lock and your running shoes, we will cycle 18km over the dike to Marken and then run around the island (for those who want to run aswell). There is a nice path all along the outer edge of the island and a beautiful deserted trail leading to the end of the pier. A swim is also an option for those keen for a mini-triathlon or in place of the run. Coffee stops to be built in (obvs). 

Run distance: 13 km (optional to do two loops that need more time on the legs)
Cycle distance: 36 km total (18 km there and back)


  • Mark your attendance in the virtuagym booking system

  • Every Wednesday, we send our members an email with the details for meeting up that Sunday. We also repeat these details in our CITY ALPS CLUB whatsapp group so if you are not yet on this, please let us know so that we can add you. Don't worry, the group is closed for chit chat (it is only for us to communicate details of meet-ups) and then on Mondays we open it up to all members to post their ROLL CALL pictures from the weekends' micro-adventures.

  • The ride or run locations will be put up on Virtuagym as well as here on our website.



There will be, subject to numbers, two groups and we will always leave from City Alps at 09:00. The racing snakes at 32 km/h and the cruisers at 28 km/h. We will select an adventurous route of between 80-100 kms. No one will ever be left behind - we stick together as a group the whole way. Cycling in a group is a lot easier than alone so make the most of tucking in behind the back wheel of the front strogner riders :)

Please bring along spare tubes, your travel card, tools, water and snacks. We might stop for a quick coffee during or after the ride, depending on the route



 There will be two route options - more or less10km or 21km and we will often try to get to the trails and beautiful areas in and outside of Amsterdam for these. It may mean taking a train/cars to the location but all this information will be communicated to you in advance.

Our meeting location for these runs will depend on where the run leaves from. We will still aim to start running at 09:00 where ever it is so that may mean taking early public transport or driving in a car pool. We love to get to the trails (for example at Kennermerduinen, the beach, Utrechtseheuvelrug, Amsterdamse Bos etc.)

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